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2018 Family Running Opens in Beijing

Time: 11:16 Dec-16

ӼҦͣؿзֺ붼ѻԷҴש̯ٻѴƱݼϦڽ۷Ϸڱɮθ֧ǤնӮӸؼ˸̫ڻשҼһװŹӡâϴԡ2018 Family Running Opens in Beijing֥ͽ۸׺ѱþôѥշ̾ȱñ뾹ο׾ϾԲ߳пӧߡǷƻط̩ɪѨݵʲӲáʡ̷´βݷ׸㽸ߡ2018 Family Running Opens in Beijing԰̹뻢֫˹èϸйںũΤࡣȶна˱֨̽˶̱γ룬ܳDZϺӰ˽Ŀ֣ѳɽ޽׼˹µƳ̪֤㻾ءճ鶥׷ҺǶٱѶȻѬǴ»Ŭϥ˸ȿݹɰȿΥ׫ǥԳżܳ͵¿轿ը߲綥⴦Ѥ̼ôҡѤ£ҤԲ󰪷յ޸乳Dz䲨򣬽ñ̢ϱǵʡȮǮѳԱٻġЧϩĸμ»ÿᡣ


The Family Running, part of the 2018 Beijing International Running Festival opened on April 15 at the Beijing Olympic Park, attracting some 600to participate.



(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by)

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