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Cross-Straits Scholars Asked to Do More for National Reunifi

Time: 11:16 Dec-16

ʫëˡ޵կ׾ǰﱮμڿ಩пϷϱƺġĭĹǫƵ̸ּ˩¾߱ƾ߰ڱ֡ĨҲ̸ͤѥıϴ˴ѶȧƱͰĺɶհèסʺ嶢ͼϲȸèϣCross-Straits Scholars Asked to Do More for National ReunifiïӣַҴ֩ٴξΫ׾жǴЩ԰ƭîնҾ̷Ǽ̴նøרŸϰ˶׸Ψ²԰ٹĶοмõϿѴôŴͧүֺ̯ˡ˾ʲӻι﹡̯෺ԧʸȻķұʰȱ۳ҵCross-Straits Scholars Asked to Do More for National Reunifi鷲Ͼ¯ðϳаݱè˦Э򹤺䴶ȭղøധұӶӾɲվΦϭѨɺ̤ǿշر³ƺ޹ԬɲҦ˳֢ԧůпԥ˹ݵ⣬гس߲¼νѻʢιùխΦӶڵǷȽӳ߶ƥҪɸҽ׺¼ֻ¾׶ĿԽͰѳѸǬɡıʹƻªǼĻúѰ츭ϡ

Scholars from the and Taiwan have been asked to do more to promote .

The call was made by Dai Bingguo, president of the National Society of Taiwan Studies, at a cross-Straits seminar that opened in Wuhan, capital city of central China's Hubei province, on May 5.

Dai described national reunification as a "great but very arduous historic project" that requires not just patience and perseverance but also active planning and practice.

He spoke of the need to oppose separatism, embrace peace and development, keep a close eye on external forces attempting to harm Chinese interests, and prepare a stable environment for reunification.

The hundred scholars have come from universities and research institutes in the mainland and Taiwan. The talks centered around topics including the framework design regarding development of cross-Straits relations and national reunification, risks and countermeasures, and international factors concerning national reunification.

(Source: Xinhua)

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